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A well engineered feed system is an integral part of an effective water treatment program. If a feed system is not designed properly, chemical control will not meet specifications, program results may be inadequate, and operating costs will probably be excessive.

Some of the costly problems associated with poor chemical control include:. A significant investment in a chemical feed system can often be justified when compared with the high cost of these control problems.

When a chemical feed system is not properly engineered, chemical levels are often above or below program specifications. The use of a proper feed system can prevent this situation.

Chemical feed systems can be classified according to the components used, the type of material to be fed powder or liquidthe control scheme employed, and the application. Treatment chemicals are usually delivered and stored in one of three ways: bulk, semibulk, and drums. The choice among these three depends on a number of factors, including usage rate, safety requirements, shipping regulations, available space, and inventory needs.

Bulk Storage. Large users often find it advantageous to handle their liquid chemical delivery and storage in bulk. Liquid treatments are delivered by vendor tank truck or common carrier. A large tank, often supplied by the water treatment company for storing the liquid treatment, is placed on the property of the user near the point of feed Figure Service representatives often handle all inventory management functions.

Treatment can be drawn from these storage vessels and injected directly into the water system or added to a smaller, secondary feed tank, which serves as a day tank. Day tanks are used as a safeguard to prevent all of the material in the main storage tank from accidentally being emptied into the system.

They also provide a convenient way to measure daily product usage rates. Semibulk Storage. Where chemical feed rates are not large enough to justify bulk delivery and storage, chemicals can be supplied in reusable shuttle tanks Figure Usually, these tanks are designed in such a way that they can be stacked or placed on top of a permanent base tank for easy gravity filling of the base tank. Drum Storage.

Although 40 and 55 gallon drums were widely used for chemical delivery only a few years ago, increasing environmental concerns have sharply reduced drum usage. The restrictions on drum disposal and drum reclamation have reduced the popularity of this delivery and storage method in favor of reusable or returnable containers.

chemico feed

Delivery systems are the heart of a chemical feed system. The delivery system most often used is the chemical metering pump.JCI Industries, Inc.

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This unique combination of quality service, innovative products, extensive experience and engineering capabilities in the Municipal market ensure that JCI can deliver the perfect chemical feed solution for your needs. JCI has decades of experience with staff of application engineers, mechanics and field service technicians in the design, supply, operation and maintenance of chemical feed systems.

This combination of experience in system design, equipment selection and day-to-day service issues give our staff a unique perspective on the total cost of equipment ownership. This ensures compatibility and function of the storage, metering, turndown, chemical resistance, instrumentation, control and monitoring of the system.

From furnishing equipment to be installed in-situ to a complete skid or engineered building, JCI has experience to serve as your chemical feed integrator. After delivery, JCI offers start up service, training and extended preventative maintenance contracts. JCI offers leading manufacturers of metering pumps with integrated controls capabilities. Metering pumps include: hydraulically actuatedmechanically actuatedsolenoid-drivenintegrated dosinggear drivenperistaltic, progressing cavity.

Metering Pumps. JCI offers a complete solution from wastewater pumping systems, wastewater treatment and telemetry systems to monitor pump stations and treatment plants. The wastewater treatment equipment which we recommend will depend on the level and type of treatment required to meet your NPDES permit. As the percent removal increases, so does the cost of your project, so we provide equipment to your treatment requirements. The monitoring equipment insures the lift stations and the wastewater treatment plants are coupled for a complete system.

We provide on site systems to eliminate chlorine gas for worker and community safety by generating liquid chlorine. Chemical feed systems can be supplied as liquid or dry systems depending on your plant size and location.

Gas Feed. JCI provides feed systems to stabilize the pH levels of drinking water by injecting dissolved carbon dioxide into a side stream to stabilize the water. Carbon dioxide gas is injected into an alkaline or near neutral pH water stream.

It also has one of the lowest mixing contact time of all gas dosing technologies which decreases system footprints.

Polymers are injected into water and wastewater treatment to strengthen flocs to improve settling, filtering or dewatering processes. Polymer available in dry, liquid or emulsion requires an engineered system to properly activate, prepare and meter the solution.

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Polymer Systems. JCI furnishes disinfection systems for potable water and wastewater providing a degree of protection from contact with pathogenic organisms. Disinfection systems kill or control these pathogenic organisms to safe levels. Search for:.

Chemical Feed Integration JCI has decades of experience with staff of application engineers, mechanics and field service technicians in the design, supply, operation and maintenance of chemical feed systems. Liquid Metering Systems JCI offers leading manufacturers of metering pumps with integrated controls capabilities. Metering Pumps Dry Feed Systems JCI offers a complete solution from wastewater pumping systems, wastewater treatment and telemetry systems to monitor pump stations and treatment plants.Our fabrication shop consists of tradesman with decades of fabrication experience thus helping Chemco deliver superior quality systems at an exceptional cost.

Our installation teams are comprised of our in-house technicians that work with the equipment day in and day out. We've earned this position by adhering to three basic concepts:. Providing our customers with superior quality products. Providing our customers with prompt, efficient and knowledgeable service.

Continually recognizing the worth of our employees and instilling in them the need for personal growth, efficiency, and economy in everything we produce.

chemico feed

Our proven track record is evidenced in our portfolio of dependable, high quality bulk chemical storage and feed systems. We bring that commitment to every phase of your project. Let us show you the difference Chemco can make. Please fill out the form below or contact us at sales chemcosystems. Spare Parts. For assistance please either fill out the form below or contact us at sales chemcosystems. Career Opportunities. Are you interested in becoming a part of our team?

Chemco is always searching for energetic, dedicated professionals to help move our company forward! Thanks for submitting! Load More. Contact Us.There is an endless list of chemicals and applications these are used for such as phosphates for boiler water control, sodium hypochlorite for bio-fouling in a cooling tower, polymers for collecting and settling solids, etc.

These can be something as small and simple from a single metering pump with suction and discharge piping on a baseplate to a package of multiple large 20, gallon bulk storage tanks with ladders and platforms and multiple pumping skids injecting chemicals at rates from 1 to over gallons an hour and controlled by a PLC. Johnson March will fabricate the entirety of these packages under one roof with no need for subcontracting.

We roll our own tanks, have the ASME Section VIII Stamp for fabricating pressure vessels and a large team of experience welders, pipe fitters and electrical technicians that surpasses our competition to make the highest quality of system. Typically Chemical Feed Systems use hydraulically actuated diaphragm metering pumps but we have vast experience in utilizing many different styles of pumps to fit the custom application of the systems such as metering pumps, centrifugal pumps, gear pumps, turbine pumps and more.

Our systems are robust and long lasting, designed for use in the heavy industrial market. Phosphate Feed System.Chemical Feed Systems are designed for automated chemical injection into the chemical feed tank for wastewater treatment.

In the dosing process, chemical reagents are added into a water stream at a precisely controlled rate with positive displacement metering pumps. Burt Process Chemical Metering systems have revolutionized the concept of chemical dosing by providing pre-engineered and fully customizable pieces of equipment for water treatment.

Our ChemPlus Chemical Dosing System is a pre-engineered solution that can be effectively used in many different industries and in a municipal water treatment process. These are high-performance sodium hypochlorite dosing systems — for example when used for disinfecting potable water or as part of a chemical scrubber system. A compact and lightweight prepackaged skid, corrosion resistance, flexibility of metering pump option and easy maintenance are some of the advantages of our advanced chemical feed systems.

Learn more about Chemical Feed Basics. The ChemPlus Simplex System has a single metering pump, inlet, and discharge. This compact, reliable and economically-priced system meters a single chemical into a tank or process line. The Simplex chemical metering system is a prepackaged skid that offers many metering pump options, including any type of diaphragm, air-operated double diaphragm, peristaltic, electronic metering or progressing cavity pumps.

Various options are available, including a pulsation dampener, pressure relief valve, visual flow indicator, and pump controls.

The ChemPlus Chemical Feed Systems Duplex provides two chemical metering pumps that are connected to a common or dual independent inlet and discharge.

This duplex system is useful if you need to meter two different chemicals into a single tank or line, or to move the same chemical into two separate processes.

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The ChemPlus Duplex is also used as a redundant pump system in processes that require a continual back-up pump. In addition to the options available with the simplex system, the duplex can be ordered with flow and pressure sensors, an MA DEP control station, a conduit box for power and signals and other useful components.

Using this system, you can double up on the pumps feeding the same tank or line to increase chemical flow intermittently, if required.

Chemical Feed

Create a custom system to fit your application and requirements by choosing from many available options. With 45 years of chemical processing experience, Burt Process Equipment offers chemical dosing systems that are fully engineered, pre-packaged, corrosion-resistant and highly customizable. This includes the ability to use the pump technology that best fits the intended usage.

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chemico feed

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